The one campaign I liked the most.

Something about politics that we actually wanted to see and wanted to share on social media.Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 14.25.56

This election has certainly been the blandest yet and despite the hype by the media (and people in digital) that social media will play a big part, there is actually little evidence, outside of the hard core of followers, that we the general public actually give a damn what the politicians publish on Twitter, Facebook or nay other channel.

It’s ironic that Russell Brand, the man who thinks it’s all a waste of time, has more followers on Twitter (9.64m) than all the political parties and candidates put together (Labour, Tories, UKip & the Lib Dems all add up to just 707.6k followers in total).

The reality is that the TV debates are the one thing that is influencing us (that should make Thinkbox very happy).

But the things that are really engaged us on social media were not coming out of party political PR departments but from the public.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 14.22.22

The Twitter account @Cooledmiliband  posted a series of photos where Miliband’s face has been pasted on to icons of masculinity from film, TV and music. Themes include Mad Men, Star Wars, Raiders of the Los Ark, Gladiator, Break Bad, Rocky, James Bond, Led Zeppelin and even Calvin Klein ads. And because they are fun they were being shared and talked about everywhere as an antidote to political campaign blandness.

They actually made Ed look really cool. Maybe the Labour party should hire this genius of Photoshop, he can’t do any worse than their drab marketing team. And as for the Tories, wake up guys it’s 2015 not 1985.

It’s a pity the parties can’t free up and have fun.

Below a spoof ad for the Monster Raving Loony Party.