What social media says about #GE2015

CaptureToday, some 30 Million Britons will take to the polls to elect the 56th Parliament of the United Kingdom – the outcome of which is anybody’s guess.

While Labour and the Conservatives are expected to remain the party of choice for the majority of voters, smaller parties – particularly UKIP and the SNP – are poised to make an impact at the cost of the traditional two-party system.

Predicting the outcome of the election outright is a daunting task, but by tapping directly into the social conversations related to the election, we can gain a clearer picture of issues that are important to UK citizens – and the parties that are most influencing conversation about those issues.

Below, you’ll find an infographic detailing a comprehensive list of topics which were quantified by the J. Walter Thompson analytics team in order to hopefully shed light on the state of politics in the UK leading up to this historic election. From the hottest talking points to gender lines, it’s interesting to see a small sample of the vast number of criteria against which we’ll be voting today.


Henry Riggall is European Account Director – New Business at J. Walter Thompson London