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A foreign assessment of the election advertising campaigns

To declare yourself ‘politically objective’ in your own country is a bold claim to make. Though you may plead neutrality in terms of affiliation to a party, the reality is that by engaging with politics you are opening yourself up to the nuances of political branding. Even if we do not notice it, we are forming associations with each party every time we see a poster, watch a video or read an article.

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Labour election manifesto promises curbs on unhealthy foods marketed to kids


Labour has used its election manifesto to insist that it will set limits on the amount of sugar, salt and fat in foods marketed to children should the party gain power in May’s general election, but the 85-page document omits earlier promises to target tobacco companies.

milliband1-20150413113415175The NHS section of the manifesto pledges that Labour “will set a new national ambition to improve the uptake of physical activity”, “take targeted action on those high strength, low cost alcohol products that fuel problem drinking” and “set maximum permitted levels of sugar, salt and fat in foods marketed substantially to children”.

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Data is only part of the answer



Political parties have been relying on different forms of data to help obtain votes for decades.

Advisors and parties use a combination of polls and research groups to better understand and engage the public whilst reacting quickly to any story or event that they feel they have a say in.

Similarly, the role of data and how to use it was a prominent topic at this year’s Adweek. We were treated to a number of excitable speakers proudly talking about algorithms that can help identify consumers and exactly when and how to target them. Consequently though the importance of the creative idea seemed to slip down the pecking order somewhat.

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How to win an election


Faced with a seemingly endless flow of scandals, diseases and wars, what does it take for Britain’s politicians cut through and connect with a disengaged public?

Between horse meat scandals, expenses scandals and the small matter of a global economic implosion, the past few years have seen a number of senior figures and major brands fall from grace.

In the case of politics, such events have broken down a lot of trust between politicians and the general public, with many Brits voting for their next leader despite not necessarily trusting any of them or expecting anything from them.

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